High Impact Women Leadership: Un-leashing your true potential as a leader
23 January 2018, 9am -5pm 
“Quantum Leap” is an experiential workshop for women to explore how our mental models have been shaped, expand our vision of success and uncover a toolkit to maximize our career potential.
Key Learning Objectives:
  1. Discover our mental models and how they influence our career 
  2. Explore ways to manage these mental models in a systematic way.
  3. Experience the power of crucial conversations, expand influence and adopt an innovative mindset
  4. Visualize a clear plan for the future.
What you will learn:
  • Ensure you perform at your peak in any situation, especially under pressure
  • Motivate yourself to take action even if you feel not ready for it
  • Gain the confidence to make better decisions 
  • Explore your unique innovation skill strengths
  • Discover the 3 golden skills to take charge and drive conversations. 
  • Develop an authentic leadership style with EI behaviours.
  • Make better decisions that impact your career and personal life balance 
Session 1: Self-Exploration -An Inside Out Approach 
Our mental models shape our behavior and can help us either build bridges or walls. This is the start of the discovery process when we turn the mirror inward.
  • What are some mental models that can empower or hold us back?  
  • How do we change those mental models to allow for greater success?
  • - What are the influences in our personal and professional lives?
Session 2: Tools for Success 
Explore ways to have conversations to deal with some of the mental models that exist around us. Discover the 3 golden skills to have greater success in driving crucial conversations and gain greater influence.   
  • Learn ways to successfully navigate a ‘crucial’ conversation
  • Discover ways to expand your sources of influencing power
Session 3: Finding my North
Unlock the secrets of an innovation mindset and pave the way for a quantum leap in the future
  • Gain deeper insights into our unique innovation strengths  
  • Bust some beliefs around innovation & creativity 
  • Discover key skills to surface new ideas and demonstrate value 
Session 4: Yes we Can!
Reflect on personal insights and create action plans 
  • Individual Action plans and sharing of insights
  • Summary and Close

Expert Facilitator: 
Farah Shahed
Interact Consulting 
Farah has over 20 years work experience from Aviation in the Middle east, IT and services boom in India to learning and development in a new liberalised economy.  She believes that as the world grows smaller a global mindset is imperative to grow and succeed in the workplace.  
Farah is a Certified Professional Facilitator, IAF and an executive coach. She is a member of the IAF India Core Committee and currently leads the IAF Blr chapter to promote the power of facilitation. She is passionate about helping leaders learn, grow and maximise their unrealised potential.  Working with a wide variety of clients across geographies and numerous sectors, Farah is adept at developing talent. Her focus is to deliver results based interventions which move both individuals and organizations towards their goals.

This blend of experience and passion for building future leaders has driven Farah to be active in facilitation, training and coaching to share her experience in helping people who want to grow. 

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